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I’ve put together and released a basic encryption / decryption class for PHP. It uses the mycrypt library to handle the AES encryption using the RIJNDAEL 128 algorithm. You can find the source on github by clicking here. Text encryption is easy, and can be accomplished with a user provided key and iv, or by…


While making some last minute updates to a website, I noticed that the login and registration links weren’t very good looking. I was using the s2Members membership plugin to handle user registrations, and the free version of the plugin uses the default wordpress links: After a few minutes of searching online without much luck (I…


When I first started developing websites in PHP, refilling forms with their $_POST values after a submission was always a copy-paste headache. For little forms, it doesn’t add much time, but for a 30 or 40 field form (think real-estate website with tons of fields and options for posting a property) it becomes a mess….


I have a Logitec M705 mouse with the “free spinning” scroll wheel, which is very nice for quickly scrolling down a webpage or sifting through some code. I also use a lot of keyboard shortcuts that include the CTRL button. This often leads to the CTRL key being pressed while the mouse wheel is still…


Recently I used the ACF plugin to add some custom fields to a custom post type, including a repeater field. In my case, I was using these fields to get a country and state input for a client’s distributors. Due to the number of distributors that they have, we wanted to create a simple search…