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While making some last minute updates to a website, I noticed that the login and registration links weren’t very good looking. I was using the s2Members membership plugin to handle user registrations, and the free version of the plugin uses the default wordpress links: After a few minutes of searching online without much luck (I…


When I first started developing websites in PHP, refilling forms with their $_POST values after a submission was always a copy-paste headache. For little forms, it doesn’t add much time, but for a 30 or 40 field form (think real-estate website with tons of fields and options for posting a property) it becomes a mess….


I have a Logitec M705 mouse with the “free spinning” scroll wheel, which is very nice for quickly scrolling down a webpage or sifting through some code. I also use a lot of keyboard shortcuts that include the CTRL button. This often leads to the CTRL key being pressed while the mouse wheel is still…


Recently I used the ACF plugin to add some custom fields to a custom post type, including a repeater field. In my case, I was using these fields to get a country and state input for a client’s distributors. Due to the number of distributors that they have, we wanted to create a simple search…


I’ve had to set up a lot of wordpress sites lately, and rather than going to my browser to retrieve the files, I’ve written a quick bash script to do the heavy lifting (download, decompress, move the files, clean up) for me. The script is below, and once saved and made executable (chmod +x wordpess.sh),…